Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shenanigans with Noxin

So, this happened back in September but I got lazy (oops XD). We went to a church flee market and picked a few things. We were supposed to go somewhere afterward but we got lazy and went home to take pictures with each other instead. This is the result of that fail of a day! Enjoy!

(fail, in my dictionary, is a wondrous thing) :3

 So fancy...

 "Septa schedules??? I LOVE SCHEDULES!"
(but not Septa)

 That's the angriest look I've ever given in my life. ~.~
 Ok, you got me. >.<


 "AH HEM."

 My stuffs.
 Noxin's stuffs.


Some vids for your entertainment.

And that's it! Also, later this week, maybe even tomorrow, I'll announce what I plan on doing in the next month. I'm just going to share how excited I am about it. I'm definitely taking pictures. There is no doubt about that. See ya then!!!!~~~<3

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