Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here I am! :3

Hello, my name is Margielyn.

That's it.

JUST KIDDING! :D So, this blog is mixed...like me. I'll just be sharing adventures, crazy stories, artwork, clothes, cute stuff, random thoughts, my face, and other people's faces.

Now to explain the name of my blog.
My little sister likes to get up on our kitchen chairs and scream, "SHARKS," for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My feet are usually on the ground. Not cool. I lost the game before it even started. When she needs to get down she screams, "TIMEOUT," and walks to the fridge. Still not cool. Just so you know, if you aren't familiar with this game she is playing, it is a variation of THE FLOOR IS LAVA game.

Now to explain the mood of this blog.
Shuga honey ice tea crack. This blog will rarely be serious. It might get a little deep when I have random thoughts. Might. This is for the sake of fun, guys!

Now to explain how often I will post.
Whenever I am physically able. I don't have set dates for my posts unless I promise you something in a certain amount of time.

So now that my intro is officially complete...

NOTE: I'm Occasionally Cute's kid (I'm turning 20) sister. Yup yup!



    <3333 Dude. You know. You can call me Noxin. (Or Chantal-- but Nox is better known.) My name be out and about, y'alllll~~

  2. PSSHHH You should have told me that before I published it! T-T Time to chow down on that last bit of sticky bun bun in da fridge fridge. :D